Protect your print

Handle your print with clean hands or white cotton gloves. Take care & patience when unrolling your print, as the 100% cotton rag (paper) is delicate & can kink/dent easily.


Avoid directly touching the print surface (ink); use the 1cm white border around your inked image to handle/move your print.
Let your print rest open/flat for a couple of hours before framing – this will allow the paper to comfortably adjust to a flat position. You can use small weights to hold down each corner of the print but be sure to place them on the 1cm white border only.
Never allow liquids of any kind to come in contact with your print.
Only acid-free, archival materials should come in contact with the front/back of your print – keep this in mind when choosing your frame. Framing under glass or acrylic provides the greatest protection against fading from UV light and ozone. This will help get the maximum longevity in colour & texture (up to 125 years!)
Avoid direct sunlight or extremely bright indirect sunlight.
Don’t display or store your print outdoors where it may be exposed to chemicals, paints, varnishes or oils containing solvents & avoid exposure to excessive temperature & humidity extremes.
Don't display or store your prints in areas that have high moisture (eg, bathroom). 
Avoid pinning/hanging/attaching unprotected (unframed) prints on the wall. Chemicals in wall paint, especially solvents, can damage the print (e.g. yellowing).
Keep your unframed prints away from sources of ozone, such as monitors and TVs, air purifiers or other sources of high voltage electricity.
The safest & most convenient way to frame your print is to visit a professional frame provider – they will ensure your aesthetic needs are met & that your print is handled with the appropriate care.