About Us


Jake Buchanan - Founder and owner of JB CREATES

Hi, my name is Jake. I am the owner of JB Creates.

What do you do when you move in with your girlfriend and you try to put your Lebron James poster on the living room wall? “That is not going on the wall Jake! We are only putting art on the wall!”

Challenge accepted! I created a business and JB Creates was born.

COVID Lockdown 2020 in Victoria was a crazy time for everyone. For me, it was a year spent helping high school students with online learning, bingeing TV shows and figuring out how to get my poster up without my girlfriend objecting.

I have always had a passion for art and iconography but never in my wildest dreams did I think I could make it a successful side hustle.

Through lockdown an old hobby has been reignited and idols are being put on your walls in the process. I’ve specifically chosen each icon for their different values, achievements and craft. I love hearing why customers choose their idols. It makes every custom more exciting.

JB Creates is my creative outlet and relaxation at the end of the working day. I hope you like what you see and shout out if I can help bring your idol, pet or otherwise to life as an artwork.

Cheers, Jake

PS: My Lebron poster took pride of place in the living room for a few months, but we “both decided” that Kim and Beyonce match the decor better.