The FOUR business queens I want to celebrate this International Women's Day!

Today is International Women’s Day and I’m sure that when you scroll through your social media feeds you will reflect and think about the important women in your life. Family and friends to colleagues and mentors, I am very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful and influential women in both my personal and professional life.

I want to share with you a little bit about the four local business queens that I look to for guidance, that inspire me to push my creativity and are all leaders in their chosen field.

Let’s get started! (The first one won’t be a surprise)

Jayde Heywood: Twice the Charm (Interior Styling & Design), Hey Jayde (Events, Social Media and Marketing), Passion to Profession (Podcast host)


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They say leave the best till last, but today is an exception to the rule!  So without further ado I reintroduce Jayde Heywood! When she isn’t telling me to pick up my laundry off the floor, Jayde is teaching me everything from securing an ABN to why I need to post hashtags on every... single... post.

She is the glue that holds my business together.

Throughout her career Jayde has worked and coordinated some of the biggest events in Geelong. She loves empowering and supporting people with their start-ups and helping them navigate the crazy world of social media and marketing. Jayde is at her best when she gets to be involved with some amazing fundraiser and charity events in the Geelong region.

She loves the Geelong community so much she would attend the opening of an envelope in this town! With her focus firmly on Twice the Charm, her elegant styling of homes across the region even has me interested in the colour contrast of the 50,000 cushions on our couch.


Danielle Weber: Danielle’s Artwork (Artist/Muralist)


ABOUT ME – Danielle's Artwork

Lebron, Lewis, Tiger, Floyd, Beyonce, Serena and Danielle. The GOATS of their craft!

Danielle’s colourful artwork of inspirational people matches her bubbly and infectious personality. Donning her famous Bunnings wide-brimmed hat, she has painted murals all Australia and is on a first letter of her name basis with the Rock, having her piece featuring on the red carpet of the Black Adam premiere in New York City last year! WHAT!!

With the support of her amazing assistant Alessandra, Danielle is paving the way for artists (especially other women) and pushes for the respect creatives deserve in the community. With all of this going on, she still has time to answer a “how ya been?” text or an art/business question. If you live in Geelong like myself, there are a few of her murals lurking in the streets.

My art idol! 


Sharelle Grant: Women’s Health Movement (Health and Fitness Coach), Habitual Self  (Self-help Journal), Level Up with Dani & Sharelle (Podcast Host)


May be an image of 1 person, standing and activewear

A passionate midwife turned coach with a tell it how it is attitude! If you are a sponge for targeted female health and fitness learning, then Sharelle and her team at WHM is the PTB.

Trading Passion Pop for Protein Powder, my friend of 11 years has built a community of like-minded women across the globe. Supporting other women to feel comfortable in their own skin and confident in the gym is what gets this girl up in the morning (along with her puppy’s barking). She continues to build the WHM brand on social media with clear and directed snippets of advice to improve your wellbeing! With coaching, the new WHM App and her Habitual Self journal; I can't wait to see what she conquers next!

Amy Carlon: Carlon & Co. (Photography and Creative Services)


Amy Carlon - Director and Photographer - Carlon and Co | LinkedIn

Skills so good that she can even make my awkward smile presentable on camera!

Amy’s entrepreneurial drive and client care is the best in the business of photography. I experienced this first hand when I watched her drenched in the pouring rain to get the perfect snaps of some lovely newlyweds.

With a clever melding of her two brands Amy Lee Carlon Photography and Harvest Creative Club she has birthed the new Carlon & Co. All of your Creative Service needs in one place!

As a person that works in education and in particular with students with disabilities, I admire Amy immensely for her constant advocacy for people that live with a disability and inspiring them to take the leap in their own chosen profession.

No doubt you will see some more photos of me (with some Carlon & Co magic) at some point this year.

Feel free to comment below some amazing women in business that you love!

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